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Cosmos Director



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Like any successful project, Cosmos has some exceptionally talented individuals working behind the scenes and performers making it the successes it has been so far, taking cosmos from strength to strength. Here are some of the key people that make this possible.

Cosmos Director :: Click here

Cosmos founder and director, Dominic White. Read about the man who started the Cosmos project and who has brought music, dance and sprituality to the whole community.

Dancers :: Click here

Find out about the dancers who perform in the Cosmos shows.

Musicians :: Click here

Music is such a important part of the Cosmos experience, read about the people who play, compose and sing for Cosmos.

Visual Artists :: Click here

All the Artists and Creative minds used for the videos and stage artwork.

Production Team :: Click here

To make Cosmos happen, there is a whole team of professionals working behind the scenes doing the artwork, lighting and organising of the show to make it a success, find out more.

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